Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Painting Eggs - Not just for 'Easter'...

We had friends over; made some soft-boiled eggs and decided to paint them with tiny pictures. I put their names on the eggs - used them as place-cards; perched them on celery-salt castors. Everyone loved them....

I was also watching HSN on television.
They had 2 hours of great scrap-booking and crafts. They had a textured
paint that could be used on fabric; paper - everything!

While I'm waiting for my order to arrive, I'm already planning on how I'm going to 'texture' my next batch of eggs.

Promote good eating for breakfast - an egg with an apple; and your child's choice of cereal. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to 'wake up', and see a darling egg resting on the plate?

They also have plastic eggs that are used for Easter. If you've saved any of those, paint them - put a little gift inside; a bit of money, and go out for the day with your children talking excitedly about what they'll get at the store.

Remember too: The children should also
think about those less-fortunate; have them take that 'egg' with money to a
needy child or neighbor. There are many ways to light up another's life - thinking and talking happy.....