Friday, May 29, 2009

Betmo kindly published my poem on POETS4PEACE - 'thank you, Billie'..........

The Planet of Trees - by me (Diane) - May 29, 2009

It's almost trite to tease
And write as I please
A simple poem; nothing complicated
No fancy words - you won't be inundated
With glorious efforts to make you seek
A meaning to this prose
That doesn't require you to 'suppose'
Simply notice what rhymes with 'trees'
Are words like 'breeze' that sometimes
Chills - we even 'freeze' when the wind blows strong
And we admire the trees who stand so strong
They don't fight; bicker, kill or complain
About not being more beautiful or whine because they're plain
They give resource and life to those who cut them down
The birds' nests forever are their seasonal crown
We build log homes; we build wooden boats
We make fences to confine our horse and goats
We carve them into totems; we hang wires from their poles
We think nothing of destroying them as if they had no souls
But when I seat myself under a sprawling willow
I look at the the sky from my down-filled pillow
I like the stars when they peek through the trees
I find my heart so put at ease
I find such a marvelous peace
..........among the trees.