Friday, May 16, 2008

My grand-daughter has just finished bathing and blow-drying this fluffy dog!

As you can see, what a sizeable ball of fluff (no, not my grand-daughter - the dog)!

I have a niece who takes beautiful photos of children;
she keeps busy with her little studio in Michigan. I so wish she'd create
a 'blog', but she does make incredible photo shows (I've given that link in an
earlier entry...below). In fact, as I think of it that earlier entry is an older and different show.

Here's one she recently sent to me - not only will you see her 2 darling children, but many more children as they graduate from pre-school. I so love looking at the future leaders and teachers of our country. As I watch their young faces, I try to imagine what they'll be when they grow up; where will they travel - what will be their hobbies, and what they'll accomplish in their years on this beautiful earth...

Here's my niece's newest show & link:

Also, here's another link for some great photography - children.
So, another 'thing to do' for the
summer; for all seasons - TAKE PHOTOS - and not always of a person
'posing'...take ones that show 'action' - happiness; the dog is reacting, and
Brittany is making her best effort to 'dance' (I think they'll do the tango if
the dog is up to twirling my beloved grand-daughter)....